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Terms and Conditions

  • By accepting a quote and making an initial payment, you accept the terms and conditions of Envy Co.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all relevant information and requirements are stated prior to receiving a quote. Work will be carried out based on best knowledge of what is required by the client, using the information provided by the client. At any stage of the project, if extra work is required that was not covered in the quote, there may be additional charges incurred to fulfil these changes at our editing rate of £50 per hour.

  • All work must be approved by the client. Envy Co will not be held responsible for any errors following work being approved or signed off.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the agreed upon final design does not infringe any copyrights, design rights or trademarks. Envy Co will not be liable for any infringement of these rights.

  • Envy Co will strive to provide the completed product in a timely manner. However, time frames provided for project completion are estimations and may vary, particularly if changes are made to the requirements, new elements or functions are added or if there has been an agreement that changes the given time frame. This includes agreements made verbally, by email or written.

  • If the project is delayed due to the client and the delay has not been agreed by both parties, additional costs may be incurred.

  • All content required in the finished product must be provided by the client within two weeks of initial payment (start of project). If the project is delayed due to missing content that has not been provided by the client, additional costs may be incurred.

  • Websites created by Envy Co are tested on the 3 most popular browsers used in the UK at the time of project work. Tested browser names can be provided on request. The client should request testing on additional browsers prior to quote if required.

  • All websites are built using Wix or Editor X on the Wix platform, which cannot be transferred to other platforms.

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, Envy Co is not responsible for domain registration and renewal or setting up hosting or paying and hosting charges.

  • Any charges relating to domains or hosting once transferred to the client are the sole responsibility of the client. It will be the responsibility of the client to check recurring payments and payment values related to hosting and domain name ownership.

  • Where a monthly payment to Envy Co has been agreed for maintenance, domain and hosting of a website, if payment is not made, it may result in the website being taken offline, hosting cancelled and domain being sold or subscription cancelled. This would be in the case that Envy Co is paying for your website to be hosted, but not receiving compensation.

  • Where the use of third-party apps and systems are required, any upfront or ongoing costs are not covered in our quotes and unless agreed otherwise in a one off or monthly fee, will be the responsibility of the client to pay.

  • Changes made after project completion will be charged at our editing rate of £50 per hour.

  • All work produced is the intellectual copyright of Envy Co. Unless agreed via contract or specified within the Terms & Conditions or quote and invoice documents. Envy Co does not authorise the copying or re-selling of the designs provided. This includes but is not limited to; Logos, Printed Media, Digital Media and Website Designs.

  • Copyrights are transferred to the client on completion of the project, after final payment has been received. These copyrights do not permit any designs or design elements to be copied or re-sold.

  • During a project, you will receive updates or be contacted for further information via email or phone call. We also make an effort to be available and provide timely replies should you have any questions or changes that require noting. 

  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have provided accurate and up-to-date contact information and provide updates of any changes to details.

  • In order to start work on a project, a 50% payment is required upfront. At the end of the project, before ownership is transferred, payment is required for the remaining 50% plus any other charges incurred for any of the reasons stated in our terms and conditions. These payments are non-refundable and recognize both acceptance of quote and completion of all requirements set out in quote and correspondence prior to final payment.

  • Payment is required as per schedule via bank transfer. Bank details will be provided with invoices. 

  • Any arranged milestone payments must be made within 1 week of specified due date.

  • Unpaid invoices will result in a late payment charge of 5% of the outstanding amount per month until complete payment is made. Late payment charges apply when an invoice has been outstanding for 2 weeks past the specified due date.

  • In the event of a cancellation, if no work has commenced, the deposit will be refunded minus a £50 admin fee. If work has already commenced, 25-50% of the value paid will be refunded depending on the stage of the process. No refund will be issued after 50% of the project has already been completed.

  • Cancellations must be requested in writing via letter or email only.

  • No refunds will be given for one-off/hourly rate work.

  • Envy Co operates with best interests and knowledge in mind, in a collaborative effort with the client to produce befitting products. That being said, Envy Co will not be held liable for; any damages arising from misinformation or misrepresentation, any disruption to online or offline service, any loss of sales or reputation or unlicensed use of any media provided by the client.

  • All preparation materials, visual and sketches, including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of Envy Co.

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