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Outland Naturals, a distinguished brand specializing in luxury, natural skincare products tailored for men. Our guiding principle throughout this visual identity project was to create a visual representation that exuded a masculine aura while encompassing the aspects of luxury and natural care.

To bring this to life, we crafted a design that seamlessly merged these desired attributes. At the heart of the visual identity is the imagery of stag antlers, evoking a sense of strength, vitality, and a connection to the natural world. This abstract element serves as a visual centrepiece, capturing attention and communicating the brand's essence of masculinity also. In order to amplify the luxury aspect, we used gold foiling, creating a sense of indulgence and refinement to the branded materials. 

To reinforce the brand's relationship with natural care, we selected a deep green as the primary colour. This hue not only evokes a sense of luxury but also establishes a connection with the natural world. The rich, earthy tones create a feeling of tranquillity and communicate the brand's dedication to crafting premium skincare solutions derived from nature's offerings.

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