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Our collaboration with The Leader's Ship podcast, a platform devoted to enhancing leadership within organizations, presented an exciting opportunity to design a distinctive logo. Inspired by the name and the overarching theme of workplace performance and reaching new heights in business, we embarked on a journey of ideation. During the initial brainstorming phase, the concept of a rocket emerged as a symbol that perfectly encapsulated the essence of The Leader's Ship. Rockets are synonymous with progress, ambition, and the pinnacle of success. This imagery beautifully aligned with the podcast's mission of empowering leaders and driving organizational growth. The rocket visual was created in a node-like style symbolising connections which was a core concept and recurring theme of the subject matter.

To truly set The Leader's Ship apart and ensure its visual identity stands out, we opted for an unconventional approach. Instead of adhering to the predictable corporate colour palette, we ventured into uncharted territory by selecting an eye-catching pink-orange gradient. This vibrant blend not only captures attention but also embodies the podcast's spirit of innovation, uniqueness, and pushing boundaries. By embracing this distinctive colour scheme, The Leader's Ship logo creates a visual impact that sets it apart from the sea of traditional corporate branding. The gradient serves as a powerful visual metaphor for the journey of leadership development and the dynamic nature of growth and transformation. This logo is also featured in DesignRush's Logo Design Awards.

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