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UniQ Lets, a provider of high-end student accommodation in Loughborough, Leicestershire, embarked on a project to create a modern logo and website that reflects their straightforward approach. The goal of this project was to capture their commitment to offering high-end, comfortable homes for students. The clean and modern logo and website reflect the hardworking and straightforward approach of UniQ Lets. The logo incorporates a roof and window graphic into the 'Q' which reflects the homely aspect of their accommodation over the traditional halls type of accommodation. The Q is also coloured in the brand's teal which highlights the 'Uni' portion of the name.

As for the website, it showcases an array of features tailored to UniQ Lets' requirements. Property pages have been carefully designed and allow effortless addition and updates by the UniQ Lets team themselves, ensuring that the latest offerings are showcased to potential tenants. The website also features comprehensive information pages that serve as an invaluable resource for students seeking details on various aspects of accommodation and university life. To foster a sense of community and engagement, a dedicated blog section has been seamlessly integrated, providing a platform for UniQ Lets to share informative and entertaining content pertaining to all aspects of student living.

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