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Zing! Sweet Treats, a delightful and vibrant dessert shop, approached us with an exciting opportunity to develop their brand identity concept. Our mission was clear: to create a visual identity that exuded playfulness, boldness, and a multi-colour theme. Our first step was to create a typographic style that would embody the brand's lively personality. Height-varied, handwritten typography emerged as the perfect choice. This whimsical and dynamic lettering style adds a touch of spontaneity and sets the stage.

In selecting the colour scheme, our aim was to create joy and excitement. We carefully curated a palette comprising of three primary bright colours that work harmoniously with each other. These hues radiate energy and create a stand-out visual appeal. To complement the vibrant colours, we introduced a rich dark brown shade reminiscent of rich chocolates and coffees, evoking a sense of warmth and indulgence.

By blending these elements, we have crafted a brand identity concept that captures the essence of Zing! Sweet Treats. The height-varied, handwritten typography infuses a sense of whimsy, while the vibrant colour palette elevates the visual experience to new heights.

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